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Your Time’s Comin’

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I knew that she belonged to someone else at the time,
But lonesome-lookin’ women are a weakness of mine;
And so I bought that stuff about the love he never gave her,
And I figured I would love her some, and do us both a favor.
But just when I got up to leave, he walked in the door
And I guess I thought he’d be surprised.
He looked at me as if to say, “I’ve been here before”
And he offered me this word to the wise:

cho; You know she’s a cheater, son
And you think that you’re the one
That’s got a lot of what it takes to change her;
I’ve no doubt that you can get her
You ain’t much, but that don’t matter
Nothin’ suits her better than a stranger.

(by Kristofferson, Silverstein)

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