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Shel Silverstein Love Poems

Shel Silverstein is a worldwide famous American writer who is best known for is cartoons and children’s books. It is possible to say that he labeled himself as Uncle Shelby in some of his works. His funny and simple attitude to life can be found even in his lyrics where he describes himself as an ordinary man who attracts girls.

It is interesting that Shel said that he wasn’t interested in relationship when we was “attracting girls.” In his early life, he was involved in writing which became his true passion. Since that time no woman could conquer his heart more that Literature did it:
“Not that I wouldn’t rather make love, but the work has become a habit.”

For Shel, love wasn’t only about passionate feelings but something deeper which touches the edges of Philosophy. This emotion is about respect, friendship, and reciprocity. He is convinced that to love one need to learn how to give something for free. It means that you are not waiting for anything in return:

“How much good inside a day?

Depends how good you live ‘em.

How much love inside a friend?

Depends how much you give ‘em”

While reading his poetry, it is fair to state that it is weird but funny at the same time. Love for life and positive emotions made Shel Silverstein`s love poetry very simple even for children. He can be fairly considered a very talented author, who contributed to the ironic and absurd poetry of the twentieth century. His funniest and most inspiring works include “Whatif,” “Sick,” “Smart,” and “The Looser.” They don’t have any deep sense or relation to passion but sometimes people need to understand that the surrounding world with nature and funny moments in routine can invoke so many loving and tender emotions.

Here is a list of Shel Silverstein Love Poems

  1. Love
  2. My Rules
  3. Nobody